A Beginners Guide to Joker Wild Poker
Casino Tips - June 20, 2019

A Beginners Guide to Joker Wild Poker

A Beginners Guide to Joker Wild Poker

There are a series of video poker games that warrant mention, so much mention in fact that the software developers have created broadly exciting Multihand games of these variants. One of these popular variants is Joker Wild poker. In this version of video poker, the game is played with a 53-card deck, in other words, a Joker is indeed a Joker.

Joker Wild Multihand was first presented by NetEnt in 2014. It was at this time that the software innovator released numerous fresh video poker versions, all of which were designed to enhance the popularity of this casino genre while appreciating the reasons it had become so in the first place.

The Statistical Incentives

Joker Wild Multihand, as a NetEnt production, exhibits a pay-out rate, or return to player percentage of 97.97%, which is exceptional. The highest in the range is Jacks or Better Multihand, a game that if played correctly delivers a return to player percentage of 99.56%, but quite evidently the Joker Wild version is not far behind.

The Multihand version of NetEnts’ video poker games also all provide players with the Gamble option whereby they can double their winnings after every win by wagering it on the Double or Nothing feature.

Other notable differences since 2014 are the look and feel of the game itself, which is drifting towards the computer game category. The core of video poker appreciation, the high levels of action and the popular gameplay methodology have, naturally, not been tampered with at all.

What Multihand Means

Joker Wild Multihand can be played with 1, 5, 10, and 25 hands at a time, and has 5 levels of the game to select from. The reason the levels of Joker Wild Multihand are mentioned is critical, as this playing option has a direct bearing on the odds available to the player and is therefore of significant importance.

Playing Joker Wild Multihand at levels 1-4 means players enjoy a return to player percentage of 97.07%. However, level 5 play at this game offers a return to player percentage of 97.95%, which is slightly higher and therefore more likely to be profitable.

In addition, within the Multihand options, players will be intrigued to discover that the 25-hand version of Joker Wild Multihand carries, in fact, the best odds of all.

In NetEnts’ Joker Wild Multihand there are also different coin values available, and these options range from the smallest at 0.01 to a high of 10. This means that the game can easily be set to facilitate every budget size, style and gameplay requirement. This game is almost as popular as the blackjack online options available to players these days.

Some Notes and Benefits

Joker Wild Multihand follows conventional poker rules in how hands are dealt and formed. The game is, after all, poker and generates its excitement from the standard range of famous poker hands just waiting to be won. The addition of the Joker to the pack simply increases the number of winning hands, although the top jackpots are left to a Natural Straight Flush in which no Joker is involved.

NetEnt is probably the most inventive and quality software developer on the casino scene at the moment, and players of their video poker games, Joker Wild Multihand included, should expect the very latest features such as an automatic hold function for winning hands, fast gameplay, and a good insight of the poker hands on offer, improving poker skills generally.