A Guide to Jacks or Better for Beginners
Casino Tips - June 20, 2019

A Guide to Jacks or Better for Beginners

A Guide to Jacks or Better for Beginners

Jacks or Better is perhaps the best-known video poker game, and one of the core games in the genre. Most of the top casino software developers offer this variety of video poker, a casino game that is seen as essential to any online casino suite.

Due to considerations of quality, one of the better proponents of this game is the NetEnt version, although this is hardly a shock since most of NetEnts’ games are top of the class.

Jacks or Better Multihand video poker is presented alongside the range of video poker games at online casinos, and has the specific feature of allowing players to play a vast range of hands of poker at the same time. Jacks or Better Multihand is similar to the base game in that it offers players decent odds if basic poker strategy is used.

The Jacks or Better Game

Jacks or Better, playing format is straight video poker, playing to standard Draw Poker rules. Cards are dealt, selected ones are discharged and then replaced with new cards. In Jacks or Better, players are dealt five cards, these are assessed and players decide which of the cards to retain.

They can retain all, or none as well. Players keep the cards they want, draw again, with the rejected cards being replaced with new ones. The game then evaluates the poker hand thus constructed and pays out any winnings accordingly.

Jacks or Better Multihand gives players the option to play many hands at the same time. In effect, though, players play a single visible hand that pays out from a pair of Jacks upwards. The top hand is a Royal Flush, and this will reward any of the hands with a 250:1 pay out.

The hand rankings and payout range start at a pair of Jacks with 1:1 and end with a Royal Flush at 250:1. The table includes Three of a kind at 3:1, a Flush at 6:1, a Full House at 9:1 and Four of a kind at 25:1. Although when playing Jacks or Better Multihand, and therefore with reduced odds, the base game nevertheless has good odds on the standard poker hands.

Remember the Strategy

Jacks or Better, and hence Jacks or Better Multihand has its own complete strategy sheet. For any players wanting to win consistently, strategic understanding and play is key. This means that players should optimise the odds for every dealt hand and if it is played correctly, will result in an extremely high winning rate.

This may not be possible in Jacks or Better Multihand, but knowing that these are the best odds available, playing the high action multihand version may be worth the risk. Try this game at any reputable online casino NZ has to offer.

The Odds on the Base Game

The theoretical return to players at Jacks or Better video poker is 98.4% for 1 to 4 coins wagered, and provided players use perfect basic strategy. Playing all 5 coins has a theoretical return to player of 99.5% under the same conditions. This entails a Royal Flush pay-out of 800:1, an extremely attractive jackpot made more so with multiple hands played simultaneously with Jacks or Better Multihand.

Video Poker generally, and Jacks or Better Multihand is a good example of this, is effectively a slots game played with poker cards and a poker pay-out strategy. Increasing the strategy element and player effect on the game enables players to maximize the odds in their favour and achieve the best possible return on the game.