Casino Tips - July 30, 2020

The Enchantment Online Slots Machine Overview

The Enchantment slots game is a five reel video game that has many captivating features. To begin with, the fairy tale atmosphere is created by the narrator, who tells the story behind the game, with talk of a “land suspended in stardust where wizards take flight”. There is a battle with an evil sorceress and her army of soldiers and dragons in this magical game.

The player can also find precious jewels, such as Topaz, Amethysts and Sapphires that are scattered around this land. The best treasure hunters will also be rewarded with some exciting bonus games, including the Free Spins bonus, Scatter Bonus and a Wild Bonus. This fairy tale kingdom comes with another great advantage, in that it can be played on all the latest devices, like tablets and iPads, and any smart phone.

Enchanting Characters

It is wise to play only for what one can afford. There are 720 ways to win, which costs 50 credits a spin, but each credit can be staked with a minimum of 0.01 coins, or the maximum of 10 coins. This allows a minimum bet of 0.5 credits and a spin up to a maximum bet of 500 credits.

The Enchantment has great characters, plenty of payouts and brilliant bonuses, so this game will continue to enchant players for a while to come.

Battle to Keep All the Jewels

The evil Sorceress has a beautiful smile, but the player must not be deceived, she is definitely evil, and will freeze all the player’s assets if he is not alert. She guards the treasures of her land of Enchantment, and the player has to try to find the jewels, but he will have to do battle with her army to be able to leave the land with the prize. The player should begin by collecting as many of the jewels as he can, and five of them will pay up to a hundred times his stake. Once the jewels are in the player’s possession there will be a battle with the dragons. They fly the fastest of all the characters. If the player defeats five of them in battle, he will be rewarded with one hundred times his original stake.

The dragons have a habit of for frightening the horses. There will be a bonus of 125 times the stake if the player can round up all the horses. Next battle will be with the soldiers of the sorceress, and if five of those are defeated, a bonus of 300 times the original stake will be paid out. The last and most important battle in the game The Enchantment will be to defeat the sorceress herself, and that will give the player up to four hundred times his investment.

Bonus Round with Eight Free Games

If any of the bonus symbols appear on reels 1 to 5, the player will receive eight free games. There are also Scatter symbols, three of which will be worth fifty times the player’s original stake. When Wild symbols trigger the Wild Bonus round, they will substitute for all the symbols to give the player as many win lines as possible. The Enchantment allows the player 720 ways to win, which costs fifty credits a spin.