Casino Tips - July 30, 2020

Shamrock n Roll Online Slot Uncovered for Players

The Shamrock n Roll slot machine game, created by Lightning Box Software, is a simple online gambling console. Using a five reel, twenty five line play system, the game uses a them e based around traditional Irish folklore, specifically the leprechaun.

The game’s graphics are simple and quant in comparison to other more advanced online slot machines, but as a result offers quicker, more streamlined play. The music, which triggers during spins, is pleasant and fits well with the theme, but can get repetitive after extended play. Note that an option to turn the sound off is offered upon the game starting, or may be turned off at nay time via the options menu.

Basic and Standard Play Symbols

Fitting with the Irish folklore theme, the symbols in the Shamrock n Roll slot game are designed to reflect symbols of luck. They include a horse shoe, a four leafed clover, and a pot of gold. Also used are the symbols of playing cards, including ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. The most valuable standard icon is the symbol displaying the words Shamrock n Roll, while the ten of playing cards is the least valuable. The leprechaun is a wild card, which will be discussed below.

Special Bonus Feature Symbols

In the Shamrock n Roll slot machine game the leprechaun symbol is a wild card, and as such may be matched in sequence with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. For example, it is possible to match the leprechaun with two tens, which will result in a payout for three tens. The only symbol that will not match with the wild card is three spins symbol. The free spins symbol, represented by a circular arrow, will grant free spins if it is landed in a matching sequence with itself three times. If this occurs, the free spins will play out automatically, with the possibility of gathering more free spins, which will add to the current total of free spins.

Play for Fun or for Real

The Shamrock n Roll slot machine game is available to play for fun, or for real money. For those who are looking to not play for real money, playing for virtual currency is as easy as opening the game without being logged into a play account. An amount of virtual currency will be granted upon the game starting. The game may then be played for as long as is desired, simply making use of virtual currency as if it were real.

Please keep in mind, however, that any virtual currency gathered may not be carried over to other games. If you wish to play and win with real money, simply log into your valid account, and any funds available will be utilised during the game. If you do not have funds, however, the game at the top Canadian casino sites will not allow you to spin the reels. Adding funds for play is as easy as making a deposit, which can be done simply by clicking the appropriate link.