Casino Tips - July 23, 2019

Reasons Why Blackjack Is So Popular

Likely every person who visits online casinos in New Zealand knows how to play blackjack. It is a game that almost anyone can start playing immediately, with simple, easy to pick up rules. The concept is simple; get your total closer to 21 than the hand held by the house. If your initial two cards are close enough, stand, otherwise ask for another card.

Of course, the trick of the game is that a person is always tempted to ask for one more card, in hopes that the total can be pushed ever closer to 21. It’s the ultimate game of risk versus reward. Should the card you’re given be too high a number, and you are bust, losing the round, and your bet in the process.

But what is it about this seemingly simple game that has made it a favourite across the world? It is not a complicated game, and certainly not one that requires much thought or practice. Or is it?

Easy To Start, Almost Impossible To Master

Blackjack is a game that is only simple on the surface, and, in fact, is a deeply complicated game that is almost impossible to master. Some make the mistaken assumption that online blackjack Canada is about pushing the total as high possible, and that the closer the total is to 21, the better. But this is not true at all. In fact the goal of the game is always only to get closer to 21 than the house hand. Constantly pushing the total higher is, in fact, not the best tactic to use at all.

When the initial cards are dealt, the house is always dealt one card face up, and the other face down. This is a clue given to the player, allowing half of the house hand to be seen, and studied. If the exposed house card is a ten, or picture card, it should be a red light. The house could have another picture card, which would give the near unbeatable total of 20. If the exposed card is low, however, it is much less likely that the house will achieve a great hand, and so the player may be satisfied with a lower total, giving them reason to take fewer risks.

Either way, the point is that blackjack is a great deal deeper than it initially seems, drawing players who enjoy a tactical game play experience.

Fast And Furious

It may be the tactical aspect that makes blackjack so popular, or the fact that it is a game with lightening fast rounds, and non-stop action. Rounds of poker take a great deal longer, resulting in the game having a much slower pace. Blackjack, however, can easily achieve two or more rounds a minute, making it a game that appeals to fast paced action loving New Zealanders, and casino game players around the world.

Whatever the reason blackjack appeals to you, remember to play smart, bet wisely, and not go chasing after loses. But, most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.