Casino Tips - June 11, 2020

Details about Pyramid Online Slot by IGT

One of the online slot games that IGT Gaming has become best known for are the series of Pyramid slot games that they have developed. The first version of the game was called 50,000 Pyramid, which was then followed by the 100,000 edition. While the basic game play is quite similar between the two games, the second edition offers a range of added features and bonus extras.

The theme of this online slot from IGT is actually based around a game show from America. In the game, you will come across such things as 7 mystery contestants, a Celebrity Star, and also Gold Bar symbols. Other icons include the high card symbols, which are common amongst many of the online slot games from this online gaming developer. For full details about all these symbols, what they mean, and also what the best winning combinations are, the online casino offering the slot will typically provide a number of resources. It might be worth your while to refer to these paytables from time to time, to ensure that you get the best possible opportunities from playing the slot.

Pyramid Slot Scatters and Wilds

Like offers at Canada Casino Guide, there is a range of bonus features in the Pyramid slot from IGT gaming. The game icon is a wild symbol. There is also a scatter symbol, which in this case is the winner’s Circle logo. If you can land three of these scatter symbols, you will be taken directly into a separate bonus round which offers a range of other winning possibilities.

Using free spins as well as win multipliers, you can try to discover some additional prizes that are hidden. Any jackpots or prizes that the player wins in one of the bonus rounds will be automatically added to their total wins box, which they can view at all times while they are playing.

Jackpot Prize in Pyramid Online Slot

All of the symbols in the Pyramid slot have different prizes that are linked to them, in a similar fashion to the actual television game show. For instance, a symbol might be linked to a car, a television or a digital camera. Online players have the option of customising a number of features in the Pyramid online slot game. You can decide how many win lines you would like to be active during each spin, up to a maximum number of 15 pay lines.

The coin value can also be set by the player, from a minimum value of $0.01 up to a maximum amount of $2 per coin. Depending on what type of player you are, what your budget is looking like, and what sort of playing strategy you are making use of, you can adjust these values to suit your game. The big attraction from most online slot games is the main jackpot prize on offer. In the case of this slot, if you are able to land 5 of the game logos, you can win a jackpot prize of 100,000 coins. Pay attention to what the betting requirements are for you to be eligible to have a chance of claiming this big win.