Betting Tips - July 8, 2020

Throwing Light on Online Sports Betting in New Zealand

Online Sports Betting is regarded by many as the natural evolution of traditional sports betting. Gone are the days when people would have to travel to their local bookmaker to place a wager, in today’s modern world of communications technology it as easy as picking up a smart device and logging into the application or website of their choice.

This advancement in Online Sports Betting has been made possible by the advent of the Internet and the popularity of web-based entertainment platforms. Access to the Internet is widely available to many millions of people across the world. From bustling city streets to quiet country towns in New Zealand, there are virtually innumerable methods of connectivity options and platforms available for Kiwi’s to connect with one another, and with their preferred online sports betting site.

Available Markets

While most New Zealanders are familiar with traditional sporting events that can be bet on (such as Horse Racing or Boxing), the sheer volume of options available to modern punters is staggering. Punters can bet on just about anything; from Rugby to Cricket, Baseball to Ice Hockey, fans of these events are not found wanting; Online Sports Betting has opened a multitude of choices for them, for more details click here.

Events are no longer limited to a person’s locality, and the entire globe has offerings for all players willing to place a bet. The potential winnings offered by online sports betting have never been higher, with more events and better odds being available than at any other time in history.

Placing a Bet

Online sports betting is, on the face of it, quite simple. Interested New Zealand punters will find suitable events that they want to place a bet on and then study the odds. The higher the odds are then the less likely that option is to win, however the potential pay-outs in such instances are usually much higher. This brings an element of “risk vs. reward” that requires the punter’s consideration.

Winnings are calculated according to the bet that was placed and is then multiplied by the odds that were offered. Different regions have slightly different terminology and calculation methodologies so it is best for New Zealanders who choose to venture into unfamiliar territory to make sure that they are aware of the differences between their local online partners and International service providers.


Ecommerce sites and online traders require secure and encrypted communications in order to function safely and securely and online sports betting companies are no exception.

Rigorous security protocols are employed to ensure a fun and hassle free online experience. Everything from secure encrypted online sessions to cellular phone verification is at the forefront of such enterprises. It may come as no surprise then that many online sports betting companies have developed their own in-house security, as well as applications to keep their customers safe. This ensures that both your wager and your winnings will always be safeguarded, which will ensure a pleasant and fun filled experience.

Claiming Your Winnings

Your online sports betting account will show your current balance in your user account after logging in. When you wish to cash out your winnings you will be guided through a security process ensuring that you are indeed the person that you say you are.

Once verified and you have completed the transaction you’re winnings should be credited to your account within a relatively short period of time.