Casino Tips - December 19, 2019

Online Casino Bonuses Boost your Betting Power

For online and offline casinos, staying ahead of their competition is important. Land-based establishments use live entertainment and complimentary services like free drinks to entice new players and keep existing ones, but this isn’t possible for their digital counterparts. Instead, there are many different online casino bonuses on offer. These allow you to bet more and win more, and if used wisely they can really swell your takings. It’s almost wasteful not to use them and use them properly! To learn how to do just that read on.

Situations Awarding Bonuses

With careful planning, you should get an online casino bonus each time you make a real money deposit. There are also no-deposit bonuses, which allow you to play without putting any of your own money down, and allow you to keep whatever you win. These are the most dazzling, so it makes sense that they are mostly used as sign-up rewards when you register at a new site.

Make sure your Welcome Bonuses are competitive and worth your while, but don’t be so taken in by them that you forget to check out later rewards as well. Most online casinos also offer great Loyalty Programmes, with several tiers that award you greater and greater perks including bonuses as you climb them by playing more. Check these out carefully, and also look at the general promotions that are given. These promotions form the most diverse group of rewards, and you can earn bonuses for making fresh deposits, playing at certain times, recruiting new members or anything else that creative online casino proprietors can dream up. Try to choose casinos that award your playing habits generously.

For the most part, the rewards after your initial sign-up bonus will require you to make a deposit before they’re activated. They usually come as Match Deposit or Percentage Deposit Bonuses. A Match Deposit Bonus matches the amount you put down, and awards the full total of your deposit as a bonus. A percentage deposit works in the same way, but gives you a portion of your total deposit back rather than all of it.

Learn More About Casino Bonuses

Make sure you know exactly how your online casino bonuses work, and that you’re happy with the technical details. Bonuses can be awarded as extra playing rounds or as funds into your casino account, so be clear about what you’re getting and watch to make sure you get it. In the same way, you might be given the bonuses directly or might receive a code that you need to enter in order to access them, so it’s really important to know what you’re looking out for.

Remember that ultimately these bonuses are a way to get you to start playing and keep playing, spending more money as you go, so there will always be a few strings attached. Read these very carefully before you agree to anything. For example, if the bonus rounds only apply to game you are not interested in, or the playthrough requirements are especially steep, they might not be worth your while no matter how impressive they seem. If something seems too good to be true it often is!

Gameplay Enhancers

At the very least your online casino bonuses will allow you to enjoy world-class games for longer, and at the most they can help you take more money home. Think of what you get as a windfall, rather than an essential part of your playing budget, and you’ll always be able to see these rewards as the boon that they are.