Casino Tips - July 23, 2019

Most Popular Gambling Game Craps Review

Craps is a game played primarily with dice, where players make wagers on the outcome of the roll of the dice. Wagers are not only limited to a single roll of the dice but can be made on a series of rolls.

Street Craps

In Craps, players have the option of playing against one another directly, in which players wager against each other respectively. This is also known as street Craps or shooting dice. This version of Craps has gained popularity in informal settings, due to the limited amount of equipment required for a game.

Casino Craps

A version whereby players compete against the bank is known as casino Craps or table Craps. Multiple players or even just one single player, making wagers on the outcome of the dice, can play casino Craps. This type of Craps game is usually played around a large oval Craps table. Casino Craps is usually structured and highly moderated, unlike street Craps where the style of the game is pick up and go.

Craps by Amaya Gaming Software

Amya Craps or otherwise casino Craps is skilfully developed, transporting players directly into a front row seat around the casino Craps table. The three dimensional graphical interface allows for a realistic seat in the house and a variety of wagering options keeps the game play fresh and exciting. Craps by Amaya Gaming provides a holistic Craps game play experience for the veteran and enthusiast alike.

Wagering Options

Players can choose from three different wagering options in Amayas’ Craps.

The first option provides players with a minimum wager amount of one credit and a maximum amount of one hundred credits.

The second option available to players is a minimum wager of five credits and a maximum of two hundred and fifty credits.

The third wagering option more akin amongst high rolling players, allows a minimum wager of fifteen credits and a maximum of five hundred credits.


Once players have selected a game wagering option, Amaya Craps will effectively load. There is no lag time in the frame rates and the transition from selection to the game screen is seamless.

Craps will initiate and players can expect to see a table limits and payout card in the right hand side of the game screen. If players are uncertain of their selected wagering option at any point within the game, a useful tip is to hover the moue pointer over the card.

At the bottom of the game screen a black information box is clearly displayed at online casino NZ. If players hover the mouse pointer over any area of the virtual Craps table, the details of the particular play are revealed in the information box below.

Two buttons at the bottom of the game screen clearly displaying the words Roll and Quick Roll can be located in Craps by Amaya. The Roll button is a standardised roll option that will see the game work through all features in real time.

The Quick Roll feature is a time efficient version of the Roll option; this is a nifty feature in Craps, as traditional Rolls become tedious and time consuming, the Quick Roll feature keeps game play alive and refreshing with intense pace.

Players will be delighted to know that Craps By Amaya has a fully customizable interface. If players select the main menu button, located in the top left of the game screen, players will have complete control over gaming options such as sound effects, the dealers voice, ambient sounds, graphical quality, animations and window fitting settings.