Casino Tips - April 17, 2020

More Exposure – Actually Double For Blackjack Games

Based on the classic casino card game of blackjack, Blackjack Double Exposure is an online casino game created by software developer Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment are known for their range of traditional-style casino games for online play, including their Professional Series, which offers casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punto banco and poker.

Blackjack Double Exposure is similar in style, rules and game play to traditional blackjack, with only a few differences separating the two variations of the game. Some of the other blackjack games offered by NetEnt include Blackjack Single Deck, Blackjack Pro and Live Blackjack, each offering differences in theoretical return to player percentages and game rules.

Differences between Blackjack and Blackjack Double Exposure

While Blackjack Double Exposure adheres to most of the same rules as standard blackjack, the major difference between the two games is that all of the cards in Blackjack Double Exposure are dealt facing upright, including those of the dealer. This creates a theoretical advantage for players of the game, as players will be able to more accurately predict the outcome of the game by looking at the dealer’s hand and base their next move on that estimation rather than just pressing a button in online slots games in Canada.

It is for this reason that Blackjack Double Exposure is considered suitable for new or less experienced players, as it requires less skill than regular blackjack to play. As all of the cards in the game are already revealed, players can learn more about the rules and strategies associated with blackjack without the element of obscured cards on the dealer’s part at

Basic Rules of Blackjack Double Exposure

As in standard blackjack, the objective of a player of Blackjack Double Exposure is to beat the dealer by holding a hand of as close to 21 points as possible, without exceeding that figure. A blackjack is the term given when a player’s initial 2 cards sum up to a point value of 21, a hand which is usually paid 3:2 in a game of standard blackjack. However, in Blackjack Double Exposure, holding a blackjack will result in a 1:1 payout instead. Additionally, if a player and the dealer hold a tie, that tie will automatically go to the dealer and players will lose their bets. The theoretical return to player percentage of Blackjack Double Exposure stands at 99.33%.

High and Low Limit Blackjack Games

NetEnt offers online blackjack players three versions of Blackjack Double Exposure, namely Blackjack Double Exposure Low Limit, Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit and the standard limit version of the game. While the standard limits of Blackjack Double Exposure are between 1.00 and 40.00 per game, players can also choose lower or higher limits depending on their preferences and gambling requirements. Blackjack Double Exposure High Limit offers bet limits of between 25.00 and 500.00, while the low limit version of the game poses limits of between 0.10 to 5.00 per game.

Playing Free NetEnt Blackjack Games

Players who are new to the game or wish to learn more can also play free versions of NetEnt’s Blackjack Double Exposure at most NetEnt casinos. These free games will allow players to learn more about the rules and strategies of Blackjack Double Exposure and hone their skills while risking none of their own cash. Once they are familiar with the game, players can also at any time choose to play a Blackjack Double Exposure game for real money.