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Free Bet No Deposit – Best Sports Betting in New Zealand

Choosing Free Bets Well in New Zealand

There are many world-class online sportsbooks available in New Zealand, and they’re all competing against each other for your valuable business. This means every site tries to deliver navigable interfaces, great odds, generous bonuses and other rewards, so you’ll always enjoy excellent service and overall experiences. One of the ways bookies try to entice you is with free bets, which can really help to boost your bankroll. This in turn helps you to bet more and then win more, so it pays to find and use these properly. To learn how to do just that, read on below.

Different Kinds of Free Wagers

It’s important to understand all of the different types of free bets that are available online in New Zealand. There are two basic types of free bets: those that are totally free and are given away as free wagers, and those that come as bonuses which translate into free funds for placing bets.

In the first type of free bet no deposit is required, and you won’t have to put any of your own money down. These are often given as part of a Sign-up reward, so look out for them when choosing online bookmakers. You should also keep your eyes open for no-lose bets, which refund your wager as a free bet if your original bet loses. These are often offered on specific events and outcomes, such as refunding all your Wimbledon wagers if Andy Murray should win.

In the second case, there are several types of bonuses that add more funds to your betting account, but they usually require you to make a deposit before they are activated. These Match Deposit and Percentage Deposit Bonuses award you the full amount of what you put down or a portion of it, and these funds basically amount to free bets. Bonuses can be awarded in several different situations, such as for recruiting new members to the site, depositing over a certain amount of money, or playing at certain times of the day. Try to choose betting sites that suit your style and preferences so that you can really maximise your takings.

Important Factors in Choosing Free Bets

Free wagers and funds are fantastic, but there are usually some strings attached and you need to be careful when deciding which ones to use. Check all of the terms and conditions, such as the minimum odds and playthroughs required for free bets, very carefully. Also be sure to check the time limits for qualifying for and then using your free bets, so that none slip through your fingers. Some markets or wagers might be excluded, so be sure you are happy with the freebie selection. You should also find out what the policy is for void bets, which will come into play if the match or race that you used your free wager on is cancelled or voided. Most sites are happy to return the free bet to you, but you might simply lose it, so be wary.

Serious Business

Free bets and bonuses can really enhance your legal sports betting experience, and are an intrinsic part of all self-respecting online sportsbooks in New Zealand. Use them to try new things and gain insight, to bet more and then to win more.