Casino Tips - April 21, 2020

Everything About Texas Shootout Poker Game

Texas Shootout is a type of poker card game which was developed online by Galaxy Gaming. The game is played with each player playing against the dealer the same way a blackjack table plays. Texas Shootout is played with six 52 playing card decks. The object is to win with a higher ranking poker hand and all hands are based on the conventional poker hand rankings.

The poker variant is played at both land based casinos in Las Vegas and other areas as well as a variety of River Belle mobile casino.

Betting Options in Texas Shootout

Betting in Texas Shootout consists of making a main poker bet which is placed on the hand. This bet pays out one to one of the player’s poker hand happens to be higher than the dealers. If the hand is equal to or lower than the dealers then the bet is lost.

The optional Texas Shootout side bet is called the shootout bet or bonus bet which is placed before the cards are initially dealt. Variable amounts are paid out for this bet depending on the actual poker ranking of the final hand and what scheme the specific casino offers.

If the shootout bet is more than a set amount it becomes eligible for an envy bonus. This bonus pays out if any of the other players in the game hold a hand ranked at five of a kind or more.

The Rules to Playing Texas Shootout

Once bets are made four cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer facedown. The player then has the ability to examine the four cards. At this point there are two options being either selecting two of the four cards and discarding the remaining ones or splitting the four cards into two hands of two cards. If the option to split has been chosen then the main Texas Shootout poker bet and the optional side bet, if played, must be matched. The dealer’s cards are then turned face up and two are chosen while the other two are discarded.

The dealer then deals out the five community cards face up in the middle of the table. The player and the dealer then both evaluate their held cards with the five community cards and make the best possible poker hand held. An even money win is awarded to the player if the player holds the higher ranking hand but if the dealer has a higher valued hand or if there is a tie then the dealer wins. The optional side bet is paid out according to the value of the player’s poker hand if there is one.

Hand Rankings in Texas Shootout

Due to the fact that Texas Shootout makes use of six decks of cards there are additional poker rankings included in this game. Apart from these the standard poker rankings are as usual. The highest valued ranking hand possible is five of a kind suited cards, next up is a royal flush, then a straight flush; standard five of a kind; four of a kind; full house; flush; straight; three of a kind; two pairs and then one pair is ranked as the lowest possible winning hand.