Betting Tips - September 10, 2019

Dont Miss This Opportunity and Start Online Betting

UK bettors love the easy access the internet grants them as far as football, golf, tennis and boxing go. Thanks to the huge amount of bookmakers available online punters are able to lay wagers on sporting events near and far at the click of a button, and do not even have to be near their personal computers or laptops to do so. The mobile access that smartphones and tablets provide mean that the bookmaking activities are brought to you no matter where you happen to be, and you can secure your front row tickets to the Wimbledon men’s finals from the line at the grocery store, en route to various destinations on the tube, or as you are relaxing at home after a hard day’s work.

The best esports betting sites in the United Kingdom will make sure there a number of markets for you to choose from, and you definitely won’t need to settle for plain win/lose bets. You can get in on the action at any stage of the proceedings as well, with bets available both before the event has begun and as it unfolds in the form of live betting, and a glance at an online betting guide your bookmaker will be happy to provide will help you not only find your preference but maybe find a couple of new ones too.

Types of Bets

Moneyline bets include neither a spread nor a handicap, and the team or player that the bookmaker deems more likely to win will offer bettors lower odds than that of the underdog. When a handicap is incorporated you will be making what is known as a spread bet, and this spread, or line, consists of a number that has been allocated to a team or player by the sportsbook, in an effort to make laying wagers on the little guy more profitable.

Proposition wagers will have you betting on a specific result in a sporting event, like the exact number of goals the winning or losing team will end up making in a rugby match, the likelihood of a particular playing scoring one of those goals, or the score at various points during the match itself.

Popular Bets

Parlays are very popular with UK bettors too, and involve punters making up to 12 wagers that offer much higher payouts if they prove successful. In a four team parlay, four bets would be made, with the punter forfeiting his or her payout if any one of the wagers lost, but collecting winnings of up to ten to one if they do not. Progressive parlays also incorporate multiple bets, with higher payouts than those laid singly,  and although your payout would be significantly reduced if a wager lost, you would still be able to collect, unlike in the case of the normal parlay.

Sportsbetting online is not only a source of a huge amount of fun, it can be a very profitable pastime for savvy bettors as well, as long as you are well versed in how each wager works and what specific outcomes are necessary for you to be able to collect.