Betting Tips - March 10, 2020

A Guide to Betting on Harness Racing at Mildura Club

The Mildura Harness Racing Club is a top horse racing location in Mildura, Australia. It features a horse racing track on the premises, allowing guests to view horse acing events while enjoying dining and entertainment facilities. A dining hall is available on location where guests can eat, drink, and view the racing events as they happen. Full bet making facilities are also present on the premises, where guests may place bets on any of the horse racing events that occur. The track is located a short 1.5km drive from the central business district in the area.

Events are held regularly at the Mildura Harness Racing Club throughout the year, with a number of chances for guests to visit each month. The dining hall caters for groups and business recreational activities, and is happy to make arrangements for any functions that guests would like to hold on the premises. All available facilities are well maintained and professional, making the race track perfect for family outings.

Mildura Harness Racing Club Betting

Mobile Betting on horse racing is a fun and entertaining activity, and the Mildura Harness Racing Club ensues that all guests have quick and easy access to betting facilities. Guests can view race details, place bets, and collect wining from one, professional betting station at the track. Relevant information is displayed for guests on digital screens for maximum convenience. Note that wagering is restricted to those who are of appropriate age.

Mildura Harness Racing Club Remote Betting

It is also possible to bet on the racing events like that occur at Mildura remotely via the internet. Racing events will be listed with online bookmakers under the horse racing tab. Navigate to this section of the website to see current and up and coming racing events, and place bets on the races as is preferred. Odds are fixed and assigned to each horse by the bookmaker, so be sure to keep in mind that different bookmakers may offer different odds on horses, as they see fit.

In order to place bets online be sure to have an active account at the online bookmaker. Once an account is created, it is possible to place bets via any internet capable device, including mobile phone, tablet and home computer. Some online bookmakers will even provide live feeds of the races as they occur.

More about Betting Odds

Horse racing betting is a long running tradition in Australia and the world. The betting system is based on odds, which determine the likelihood of the horse winning the race, as well as the amount that will be paid out if the bet is successful. Odds will appear beside a horse written as something like 1/10. These odds are high, which mean that the horse is perceived to be les likely to win a race. It also indicates, however, that a bet of just $10 will result in a payout of $100. Lower odds would mean the opposite, indicating that the horse is more likely to win, but payouts are also less rewarding.